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In DermaPACK, we always strive to streamline our process in order to constantly bring a more competitive value for customers and stakeholders. Our process improvement effort heavily involves supply chain, logistics, marketing, and sales activity to achieve a seamless and integrated system. These continuous operation improvements have significantly been contributing for our cost efficiency, employee productivity, agility, turnaround time, leadtime speed, and environment as well.

From cultural perspective, we continuously optimize our team capacity to be as small, fast, and productive as possible by embracing every small tweaks and changes, as well as investing in bigger initiatives. From a more friendly and inclusive working condition, feature-rich and fast internal communication & collaboration tools, commited key vendors, to digitalization of critical operation.

Customer Portal 1.0 is an integral part in our core system that enables customer to control and keep track of the issued purchase order. You will be able to actively see the progress, whether it is in the phase of job order initialization, production, QC, or dispatchment. You will also be able to passively get email notification whenever there is an update to the specified order.

For this initial version, Customer Portal 1.0 will only be implemented for a limited number of customers and targeted to be ready for all customers at mid of 2021.